The New Paradigm of International Business

The bureaucracy of contracting and payment procedures is replaced by integrated money transfer service and risk management solution embedded in contracts.

Instead of lengthy litigation – time- and cost-efficient smart arbitration for dispute resolution.

Boost sales with technology for secure deals with new, unfamiliar partners.

Obsolete document workflow management is replaced by instant access to transaction information for all the supply chain participants and remote signing of contracts.

Automated demand chain – the offering of selected, complementary, and relevant products and services following every transaction – leads to a chain reaction of sales.

What is PrepayWay?

PrepayWay is a blockchain ecosystem that simplifies and streamlines international collaboration, contracting, and payments for companies across multiple industries.

Integrated Payment Gateway

Embedded secure money transfer mechanism and integrated gateway for transactions in both digital and fiat currencies powered by licensed escrow partners.

Smart Contracts

Automated enforcement of contractual conditions minimizes fraud risk and the need for third party intermediaries, reducing legal fees, arbitration, and other transaction costs.

Tamper-Proof Transactions

The combination of self-executing smart contracts with decentralized storage of all transaction data on the blockchain ensures complete transparency and lowers fraud loss.

Smart Dispute Resolution

Efficient and enforceable dispute resolution by SmartArb, our International Smart Mediation and Arbitration Institute.

Agreement Customization

User-friendly interface for agreement customization with detailed explanations and recommendations in multiple languages.

Enforceable Agreements

Legally binding country-specific agreement templates developed by legal experts in accordance with national laws and regulations.

How PrepayWay
Blockchain Ecosystem Works

PrepayWay Blockchain Ecosystem has been designed to be self-expanding and effortlessly scalable to support all types of international business operations, ranging from real estate to global commercial trade, with market size of up to 15 trillion USD.

  • 1
    Service Providers
    Contribute to the development of the core elements of the Ecosystem.
  • Banks, payment service providers, escrow agents
  • Neutrals
  • IT community
  • Lawyers and notaries
  • Other professionals
  • 2
    Core Elements
    Used by the Ecosystem participants as building blocks for the development of innovative Blockchain solutions.
  • Fiat & crypto money gateways
  • Smart dispute resolution
  • Smart contracts
  • Legal agreement templates
  • Other core elements
  • 3
    Blockchain Solutions
    Every solution developed by PrepayWay or any other Ecosystem participant smoothly integrates some or all of the core elements of the Ecosystem to boost business processes.
  • Solutions for merchants, logistics, crypto industry, and others.

  • Real Estate

  • Global Trade
  • 4
    Ecosystem Users
    Both business and private users reap the following benefits to improve performance:
  • Global reach
  • Security and transparency
  • Reduced costs
  • Speed of transactions
  • Convenience
  • 3
    Blockchain Solutions
    Every solution developed by PrepayWay or any other Ecosystem participant smoothly integrates some or all of the core elements of the Ecosystem to boost business processes.
  • Solutions for merchants, logistics, crypto industry, and others.
  • Real Estate
  • Global Trade


PrepayWay Real Estate

Contracting and escrow tool for real estate transactions

PrepayWay Global Trade

Collaboration, contracting, and payments platform for global trade


Dispute resolution with our International Smart Mediation and Arbitration Institute


Cross-border decentralized financing platform

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InBit Token

InBit tokens are required to access and activate Smart Contracts.

As long as the Smart Contract remains in force and effect, the service fee paid in tokens is locked as part of the Smart Contract.
The more Smart Contracts are in use at any point in time, the more tokens are locked.
The number of InBit tokens frozen at any point in time has a direct correlation with the demand for our Smart Contracts.

InBit Token
Demand Key Factors

  • Demand for the services delivered by PrepayWay Blockchain Ecosystem.
  • Development of a proprietary blockchain.
  • Growing volume of transactions concluded in InBit tokens.
  • Expansion of PrepayWay Blockchain Ecosystem by attracting businesses from multiple industries and regions.

Co-founders of PrepayWay

PrepayWay team consists of seasoned IT, legal, and business experts.

Professor Emmert teaches international business and trade law at Indiana University and has more than 25 years of experience as a consultant and arbitrator in international business disputes.
CEO & Сo-founder
A BTA certified blockchain developer with extensive experience in IT management and business development, Nikolai draws on his prior corporate and entrepreneurial background to lead PrepayWay AG.
CFO & Co-founder
Eduard is the CEO of WestHill Property. His expertise spans the entire life cycle of a property, from the construction stage, via international acquisition, to property management.
COO & Co-founder
As a founder of CO-Handelszentrum GmbH, Switzerland, Oliver has been providing integrated, innovative business solutions for over 14 years to a diverse range of clients.
Dr. Vahe Sahakyan
Co-founder – investor
Vahe holds a PhD in Finance from Swiss Finance Institute and has over 18 years of experience in finance and asset management.
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