Torgom Varzhapetyan

Business Development


During the 20 years of his career in sales and business development Torgom has acquired a large network of international business and personal contacts.

Tom started his career in sales and marketing in mid-90s and over the following years has accumulated extensive experience and knowledge in developing marketing strategies, re-organizing and leading marketing and sales processes, and supervising project management and sales teams for various companies.

In 2007, Tom joined ECI Telecom Ltd. (Israel), leading supplier of networking infrastructure for carriers and service provider networks worldwide. In his role as a regional sales director for IMS and NGN solutions – Russia/C.I.S., he led and managed sales team, developed sales channels, and achieved multi-million sales.

Between 2013 and 2015, Tom served as a general manager of TeleCon Engineering Ltd. (Uzbekistan), where he managed 245 employees at 7 regional offices in Uzbekistan and spearheaded the launch of a System Integrator involved in GSM network engineering, construction and maintenance, bringing the company to operational break-even and turning it into a profitable business.

Tom graduated with a Master’s degree in Finance from Yerevan State University of Economy (Armenia) in 2000.