Zoltan Szelyes



Zoltan has over 13 years of global real estate research and investment expertise. Throughout his professional career, he had the chance to encounter real estate from different angles and has gained a unique understanding of this asset class in a global context. He sees real estate not only from the eyes of a practical oriented bank-type of real estate analyst, but also from the perspective of a former central banker with a sound academic background.

In 2008, Zoltan joined the Executive Management of the SNB Stabilisation Fund, co-heading Asset Management of SNB StabFund, a liquidation fund/bad bank created in the rescue operation of UBS, the largest Swiss bank. StabFund managed over USD40bn of mostly commercial and residential real estate assets located in Japan, US, and several EU countries, and was successfully liquidated in 2013 turning poison into profit of USD3.9bn.

Since 2014, Zoltan holds the position of Head of Global Real Estate Research at Credit Suisse Asset Management Global Real Estate with AuM over USD40bn. He covers the analysis of real estate markets in more than 80 urban regions in the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific. He is a key contributor to the global acquisition process and in charge of the research of new properties acquired worldwide.

Zoltan graduated magna cum laude from the University of Berne, specializing in econometrics, macroeconomics, and finance. In 2013, he was certified as Chartered Financial Analyst, and in 2008, as Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst.

At Prepayway, Zoltan serves as Advisor and Head of Global Real Estate Research. Zoltan brings real estate investment expertise of international institutional quality to PrepayWay. As a result of his continuing monitoring of real estate markets globally he ensures that the PrepayWay platform as well as our clients stay on top of current market trends and can gain insight on the risk and opportunities in the different markets.



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