The PrepayWay Blockchain Ecosystem

Companies from around the world and across multiple industries can now harness the benefits of blockchain by accessing the portfolio of smart contracts, legal, financial, and dispute settlement services offered by the PrepayWay Blockchain Ecosystem.

Cross-Border Contracts

Contract templates in multiple languages for cross-border transactions. User-friendly interface for contract customization.

Enforceable Contracts

Valid and enforceable country-specific contract templates developed by legal experts in accordance with national laws and regulations.

Tamper-Proof Transactions

The combination of self-executing smart contracts with decentralized storage of all transaction data on the Blockchain ensures complete transparency and lowers fraud loss.

Integrated Payment Gateway

Instant transactions in both digital and fiat currencies powered by licensed escrow partners.

Reduced Transaction Costs

Automated enforcement of contractual conditions minimizes fraud risk and the need for third party intermediaries, reducing legal fees, arbitration, and other transaction costs.

Smart Dispute Resolution

Efficient and enforceable dispute resolution by SmartArb, the International Smart Mediation and Arbitration Institute.

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PrepayWay team consists of seasoned IT, real estate, legal, and business experts

Professor Emmert teaches international business and trade law at Indiana University and has more than 25 years of experience as a consultant and arbitrator in international business disputes.
Mihnea has a PhD in Finance and over 10 years of experience in finance and risk management. He further brings academic, research management and industry experience in real estate finance and macroeconomics.
A BTA certified blockchain developer with extensive experience in IT management and business development, Nikolai draws on his prior corporate and entrepreneurial background to lead PrepayWay AG.
Eduard is the CEO of WestHill Property. His expertise spans the entire life cycle of a property, from the construction stage, via international acquisition, to property management.
As a founder of CO-Handelszentrum GmbH, Switzerland, Oliver has been providing integrated, innovative business solutions for over 14 years to a diverse range of clients.
Dr. Vahe Sahakyan
Co-founder - investor
Vahe holds a PhD in Finance from Swiss Finance Institute and has over 18 years of experience in finance and asset management.
Antonio is our community manager. Working closely with our marketing unit, he is in charge of disseminating timely and transparent updates on the development of the project.
Marketing Manager
Artemiy is an international marketing strategist at PrepayWay and holds a degree in International Business from the University of Helsinki.
Legal Development
Experienced corporate and commercial lawyer with degrees from Nigeria, United Kingdom and the United States.
Software Development
Sergei is a full-stack developer who blends experience in traditional banking IT products with blockchain powered solutions.
Software Development
A BTA certified blockchain developer and a consultant for the largest and one of the most innovative real estate portals in the Baltics (City24), Vadim translates his understanding of property market into user-friendly services.
Marketing Lead | Asia
Using human-centered and data-driven approach, Yiyang is developing and executing marketing plans with a focus on expansion in Asia, establishing relationships in the industry, and identifying opportunities for business growth.
Business Development
Torgom is an influential senior business leader charged with initiating and evaluating sales opportunities, expanding PrepayWay's business, and accelerating growth.
Evgeny Varlamov
Software Development
Evgeny is a full-stack web developer with many years of experience in developing social media applications, web applications for e-commerce, finance and corporate websites.
Vladislav Davarashvili
Software Development
Vladislav is an experienced full-stack developer who provides consulting services in UX/UI and in the sphere of design and development.
Aleksander Kalinin
Social Media Manager
Aleksander maintains social media presence for PrepayWay and manages social media campaigns to increase exposure and brand awareness and to expand the community.
Digital Marketing | Asia
Hyo Jeong's background in creative writing is exactly what helps her contribute new ideas or view issues from a different angle. She is charged with promoting PrepayWay in the Korean market by combining creativity with experience in IT customer service.
Anna Nishcheret
Content Writer/Coordinator
Balancing creativity with organized professionalism, Anna is creating written content for PrepayWay website, and marketing and social media content.

Regional Representatives

Our regional representatives are experienced professionals with a keen understanding of the markets in which they operate. They help us shape our services according to the local markets' needs and constraints.

Business Development
MENA Region
Sara is a lawyer with degrees from Lebanon and the U.S.
Business Development
LatAm Region
Experienced logistics and business development professional from Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Business Development
South Asia
Possessing an extensive network of contacts and comprehensive experience, Armen represents and promotes PrepayWay in South Asia.
Business Development
Productive and successful leader in Russian real estate market, Natalia is actively building partnerships throughout the industry.


Together with our advisors, acknowledged leaders in their fields, we are developing the PrepayWay Ecosystem based on three main pillars: commercial transactions, legal, and technology.

Head of Global Real Estate Research, Credit Suisse
13 years of global real estate research and investment expertise, heading research for Credit Suisse Global Real Estate with AuM of over 40 bn EUR, former member of the Executive Management of the SNB Stabilization Fund
Corresponding Member of RA NAS and Doctor of Science, Professor
Prof. Melikyan's unique experience and drive for excellence guides us in the design and implementation of software and hardware solutions for PrepayWay.
PhD, Assistant Professor of Finance, BI Norwegian Business School
With intimate knowledge of the interplay between information and pricing in financial and real estate markets, Artashes guides us on research in various topics in real estate transactions.

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