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Elleeo – cross-border crowdlending secured by real assets

Elleeo offers collateralized lending between PrepayWay Ecosystem participants and is also a standalone loans marketplace where investors and borrowers cooperate on the best terms. The role of Elleeo crowdlending in the Ecosystem is to help buyers and businesses finance international transactions and to simultaneously offer lenders attractive investment opportunities, ensuring capital is put to good use.

Elleeo supports only collateralized borrowing and safeguards lenders by performing identity, credit history, and collateral ownership checks. This approach ensures creditworthy borrowers receive unparalleled access to funding for their transactions, pushing Ecosystem usage and transaction volume to a new level.

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Mechanics of Elleeo platform

1. Borrowers submit loan applications to Elleeo and provide supporting documentation.
2. Elleeo performs checks and lists the borrowing campaign if the borrower's creditworthiness is confirmed.
3. Lenders browse campaigns and provide financing. Cash flows from lenders to borrowers via Elleeo once the campaign's target is met.
4. Elleeo uses its Legal Partner to conclude LSA between borrower, lenders, Legal Partner, and itself.
5. Elleeo transfers the collected funds to the borrower. Loan Servicing Agreement (LSA) is signed via the Legal Partner.
6. Borrowers repay loans as per LSA terms. All payments are handled by Elleeo.
7. Elleeo passes the borrowers' payments to the lenders. Lenders keep track of their investments via portfolio management tools developed by PrepayWay.
Collateral ownership is pledged to lenders as part of LSA via the Legal Partner.

In case of default, the sale of the collateral is handled by the Legal Partner.

The proceeds go to the lenders.
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